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Brooklyn Cable Access Television
See the Da Phatfunk Clique Show!
Ch. 67, Every Third Tuesday at Midnight!
You can also watch on the Net
choose "Channel 1"!

Manhattan Neighborhood Network
See Da Phatfunk Clique in NYC!
Ch.34 - More Listings soon!
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
See Da Phatfunk Clique in NYC!
Ch. 34-More Listings soon!
Yonkers Cablevision
See Da Phatfunk Clique in NYC!
Ch. 18, Every Friday at 11:00pm, EST

Upcoming Live Shows!

Blaggard's Pub

Saturday, April 23rd, 9:45 pm
8 W. 38th St. 
(between 5th & 6th Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 382-0089

More Shows soon!

More Shows Soon!

More shows soon!

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This is the album to look for! Click the image to go to soundbytes!

Janet: "When you begin to innovate on your instrument, the main thing to remember is the 'play what you feel' theory.  It's important to study the music since that builds an appreciation for nuances and modes.  But when you listen to the serious innovators, a lot of that goes out the window!"
Micheal: "I have to tell you that playing the drums is a lot like every day life.  You have the ups, the downs and the turnarounds.  There's no defined right or wrong way.  It's all about the vibe you're trying to create."

Darrell: "It's always cool to find a new vibe for what you're trying to achieve.  Other than the economics of the fad mentality, one of the greatest deterrants to innovation will always be personal stagnation.  I always work to avoid that by trying new approaches to improvisation."

Brian: "You've got to give it up to the masters and innovators. And I never stop listening to what people are doing. Victor Wooten, Michele N'DegeOcello. The list of course goes on."

Pandemic Love

Photo by Henry Satterwhite III

click here to play video

Pandemic Love
Track List:

Pandemic Love
Take A Chance
A Little Bit More
Vox Poetic
Jazzy Jam
Got Da Clique Up In My Funk

Most of the music was recorded with one take. We were going for a happy medium between a live and a "produced" sound. The result was pretty jazzy/funky!

To hear more of our sounds, go to


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Featured Artist Review: DFunk and the Phatfunk Clique

CD Title: Pandemic Love

Year: 1999

Record Label: DF

Style: Soul / Funk Jazz

Musicians: Darrell DFunk Looney, Phat Vox, Keyboards, and violin. Various guest artists.

Review: Darrell "DFunk" Looney's 7 selection collection of his original compositions highlight the feel of excitement in PANDEMIC LOVE! It is an adventure in funk sound, and Looney does it well. His violin performances are excellent.

Selections include "Pandemic Love," "Take A Chance," "Jazzy Jam," and "A Little Bit More," among others. Each is different and lively! If you like funk, you will enjoy this collection! The artists perform well and each song is different. PANDEMIC LOVE is a winner in the funk jazz genre!

Artist's Website:

Reviewed by: Lee Prosser

Audiophile Advisory... The upcoming
Phatfunk Clique Album now on da GRILL and is now 80% cooked!!!  Funky jazz seasoned with latin and caribbean stylings. 
Catch your serving soon!

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