Independent Musician Resources
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By studying music, you not only enrich yourself and your playing skills, you also further the creative ambience of the social structure around you!!!

This builds an appreciation for all types of musical expression, especially for that which is not part of the highly publicized mainstream. Independent musicians offer a wide variety of genres which appeal to both straight forward and eclectic tastes.

Jazz Violin Resources This is a Link to historical and educational resources about jazz on the violin.
Independent Musician's resource A very helpful resource of useful information including industry basics, distribution information, record label listings and touring information!
BRS Radio Directory A very nice and somewhat comprehensive data base of radio station contact information. Includes many stations from all seven continents! (I've personally gotten a bit of airplay through these contacts - which is why I'm including this link!)
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Independent Musician Chat A very informative chat session for independent musicians. Much information is shared and very useful contacts are available!
Independent Music Business Resource Link with the cats who have been on the DIY scene for a while and actually have a clue. Awesome resources!
The Musician's Atlas This is the Indie-Musician's Bible! Check out the contacts available here!!!
BMI Royalties and Licensing Information A much needed resource for various licensing agreements and royalty payment issues. If you are not an affiliate you can get information to join here!

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